The iPad provides you with all the information you need when used with popular navigation apps, and when used in combination with a SkyButler mount, you can extend or even completely replace your existing EFIS. Due to the intelligent design of the SkyButler mount, the surface of your device closes with that of the instrument panel and everything appears as if made of one piece. 

Installation without mounting frame

Installation with mounting frame

The SkyButler mount is easy to install, either in combination with the supplied aluminum mounting frame (use optional) or by integrating it directly into the panel:

  1. If you have an instrument panel professionally manufactured or if you are confident to cut out the exact contour in the instrument panel yourself, we recommend the space-saving installation without mounting frame in a very elegant look (see left picture of the instrument panel)
  2.  If you are not confident to make a suitable cutout in the instrument panel, we recommend the use of the installation frame. In this case, it is sufficient to roughly cut out the contour in the instrument panel - all the resulting cut edges are covered by the installation frame (see right image of the instrument panel).

Integrated charging cable connector:

Your device is automatically powered when plugged into the mount - concentrate fully on your flight execution and don't waste any more thoughts on handling your iPad or iPhone or other navigation aids.

Active ventilation:

An electric fan (12V) provides cooling for the iPad or iPhone, especially on hot summer days. The risk of shutdown due to overheating is thereby significantly reduced.

Simple click system to install and remove the device:

The iPad or iPhone is fixed in the mount by a simple and secure click system. This provides a secure hold, even during flight and in strong turbulence. Removal of the device in seconds after the flight allows flexible use of the iPad or iPhone.

As an installation aid, you will find a template in the corresponding operating instructions in our download area


For the professional design of your instrument panel, please contact us to receive the corresponding DXF files. 

We would also be happy to help you with the design and manufacture of your personal instrument panel. Please contact us! Individual instrument panels made of aluminum are manufactured by us using the laser cutting process.

Quality Made in Germany: All SkyButler mounts are developed and manufactured in Germany.